Day five quotes

  • Japan's Takuma Makanae Photo: WCF / Hamish Irvine

Team reactions from the fourth day of curling at the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2016 in the Löfbergs Lila Arena in Karlstad, Sweden.

This live blog page will be updated throughout the first day of action...

They Said It, session 23

Scott Becker; New Zealand (after 9-5 win over Belarus): "It feels good to know we have qualified, though it was another very scrappy win. Going forward we hope to play better. If we lift our consistency we will be a threat because we know how to steal games away from people, and I think that rumour has already spread around."

Dustin Kalthoff; Canada (after their 12-2 win over China): “We tried to put our best effort on the ice and we put our best effort throughout the week on tonight. I would imagine that’s probably not their best performance seeing as they came in 4-0. We are taking it one came at a time, as cliché as that sounds, focusing on one shot at a time, making sure were looking after all the little elements in our game that we can improve on and just trying to put our best efforts on the ice every time we step on.”

They Said It, session 22

Aneta Lipinska (pictured below); Poland (after 10-4 win over Switzerland): "It was a really difficult match, but we were really focussed and that was why we played well. We knew our families wanted us to win and we wanted them to be happy and proud of us. That was the most important game in the championship and we tried to do our best and we knew that we could win if we played our game."

Daniela Matulova; Slovakia (after 9-8 win over Latvia): "Firstly, I didn't believe [that we could win] because they [Latvia] were playing very good. But, we were determined to play the best we could. It's amazing [to win], it's a historical moment because we are just a little country."

Photo below: WCF / Richard Gray

They Said It, session 21

Tomi Rantamaki; Finland (after 9-8 win over Germany): "[For the last shot that won Finland the game] We were trying to make a nice tap with the hack weight, but when I realised the shot was a little bit heavy and wasn't going to curl that much, we tried to get it by our own stone and we managed to do that, but that was unintended."

They Said It, session 20

Rachel Katzman; Israel (after their first win, 10-4 over Netherlands): "It feels great! It feels like a long time coming, and we are very excited that we just had the mixed doubles' first win for Israel. My mom and our hometown friends are here, it's very nice. They brought maracas with them to cheer us on."

Zsolt Kiss; Hungary (after a 7-3 win over Switzerland): "The key for our win today was stealing three points in the fifth end. Fortunately we managed to play good defense when we didn't have hammer, and we also managed our hammer advantages well, not taking unnecessary risks."

Photo below: Hungary's Zsolt Kiss and Dorottya Palancsa remain undefeated after the round-robin stage
WCF / Richard Gray

They Said It, session 19

Harri Lill; Estonia (after the 9-7 win over Scotland): "We knew it was an important game so it feels good. We kind of missed our power-play possibility but we managed to keep our game together, so it feels good, but there are still two games to go."

Estonia celebrate their victory over Scotland
WCF / Richard Gray