Five things to do in Stavanger, Norway

  • Norway’s mixed doubles pair © WCF / Richard Gray

Stavanger, in Norway, will play host to the World Mixed Doubles and Senior Curling Championships 2019 from 20 to 27 April, which means curling families, fans and competitors will be coming together from all over the world to watch the competition and explore the city.

Curling fans, athletes - are you wondering what Stavanger has to offer? Curlers are used to mining the hidden gems of small host cities where championships often take place and Stavanger is no exception. This quaint host city has a slate of historic and natural highlights that are sure to supplement the action on the ice. Here’s what to put on your list if you’re ready to celebrate mixed doubles curling with a trip to Norway.

1. Tour the historic Gamle Stavanger

Old Stavanger is well known for its 173 wooden structures built between the turn of the 18th century and the dawn of World War II with the earnings of Norwegian seafarers returning home after time abroad. Following the second World War, Stavanger narrowly voted to preserve and restore the area which has become a model of outstanding preservation techniques. The district is now home to boutiques and galleries and is a great place to view quaint architecture of a bygone era.

How to get there: The area is located on the city centre side of the harbour, about 5.1 km from the curling venue.

2. Cruise the fjords

Norway is famous for its pristine fjords and natural beauty. Explore the Lysefjord from the water on a sightseeing tour complete with a captain, guide and ample opportunities for photography. A two-hour tour by boat is all you need to navigate this breathtaking terrain.

Cost: NOK 995
Duration: 2 hours
Distance from venue: 4.6 km

3. Visit one of Norway’s oldest medieval cathedrals

Touted as Norway’s oldest cathedral still in use, the Stavanger Cathedral was originally built in the 1100s, making it operational for seven centuries. It’s still a functioning place of worship today. As the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2019 take place over Easter weekend, the cathedral is sure to be extra festive if you want to visit it during service times. This holy weekend could impact its tourism hours.

Distance from arena: 3.8 km

4. Hike Pulpit Rock

One of Stavanger’s most renowned tourist attractions, Pulpit Rock stands 604 metres tall and provides views of the surrounding mountains and Lysefjord area. Getting there requires about eight kilometres of hiking, which you can do in the winter with the proper equipment. If you’re going to embark on this ambitious undertaking, it could be smart to hire a guide who is familiar with the local terrain and has the proper equipment. The company FjordTours offers year-round tours to Pulpit Rock leaving from Stavanger.

Cost: NOK 1290
Duration: 8 hours
Distance from venue: Meet at Stavanger Tourist Information, 4.9 km from the venue.

5. Explore the Norwegian Canning Museum

Located in a former sardine cannery, the Norwegian Canning Museum gives visitors an in-depth look at what was once Stavanger’s most significant trade. The entire canning process is displayed within the museum and visitors can even taste freshly smoked brisling on the first Sunday of every month when the museum lights its smoking ovens.

Hours: Tuesday to Friday 11:00 to 15:00, Saturday and Sunday 11:00 to 16:00
Cost: Adult — NOK 95, Child — NOK 50, Senior — NOK 70
Distance from venue: 4.7 km

... Curling!

And, if you don’t want to leave the curling behind entirely, you can test your own curling skills
You don’t have to leave all the curling action up to the competitors. Put together your own team of curlers for a friendly face-off at the Stavanger Ice Hall. Curling ice is available to rent every day of the week and you’ll even be provided with equipment and an instructor if necessary.

Distance from venue: 4.8 km

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