Day three at the #WMDCC2019

  • Poland’s Bartoscz Dzikowski © WCF / Alina Pavlyuchik

It’s day three of the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2019 in the Sørmarka Arena in Stavanger, Norway. Follow live coverage from the event here:

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S14: Historic win for Chinese Taipei

There was a first-ever win for Chinese Taipei in what is their historic debut in the Mixed Doubles discipline when they beat Austria by 8-6 in Monday evening’s fourteenth round-robin session.

Afterwards their female player Amanda Chou said, “it feels really good. I just tried to make a draw to the button (on the last shot), and I did. We’ve been enjoying it so far and I think we played really well today, so we want to keep the same momentum going and just keep it up.”

Also, in this session, England beat Ireland by 8-2 while Korea had a 9-3 win over New Zealand, and these two teams top Group E, both on four wins and no losses. In the same Group, Kazakhstan beat Saudi Arabia by 15-5 for their third win so far, while Finland beat Qatar by 10-4 to share third spot with Kazakhstan. Turkey beat Guyana by 9-6 to share third place with Brazil in Group B.

Results session 14: Turkey 9-5 Guyana; Korea 9-3 New Zealand; Kazakhstan 15-5 Saudi Arabia 5; Finland 10-4 Qatar; England 8-2 Ireland 2; Chinese Taipei 8-6 Austria

Chinese Taipei’s Amanda Chou and Brendon Liu, © WCF / Alina Pavlyuchik

S13: Four-way tie at top of Group D continues

In Group D of the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2019, there were wins for all four of Estonia, Germany, Norway and Scotland in Monday evening’s 13th session. These teams all now share top spot in their group on four wins and no losses.

Estonia beat Lithuania by 13-1 in a six-end game that saw them make steals in three ends. Germany beat Mexico by 12-1, after leading by 7-1 at the break. Norway were 9-2 winners over Belgium. Lastly, Scotland beat Slovakia by 11-2, scoring four points in the seventh end with a Power Play.

From Tuesday onwards, these four joint leaders start playing each other and, about that, Norway’s female player Kristin Skaslien said, “Four wins in the book now, and now the serious things begin tomorrow. We’ve tried to find a good feeling out there. I think our play will be there tomorrow – we’re meeting good competition now and the good teams will sharpen up.”

In the other games of this session, Hungary opened with a score of four points in the first end to go on and beat Brazil by 9-2, while Switzerland were 7-0 winners over Netherlands, thanks to single-point steals in five successive ends. Hungary and Switzerland now share top spot in Group B, each on four wins and no losses.

Results session 13: Hungary 9-2 Brazil; Norway 9-2 Belgium; Mexico 1-12 Germany; Slovakia 2-11 Scotland; Estonia 13-1 Lithuania; Netherlands 0-7 Switzerland

Scotland’s Scott Andrews, © WCF / Alina Pavlyuchik

S12: Wales undefeated in Group C as Australia get first win

Australia earned their first win at the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2019 during Monday afternoon’s session 12, beating Croatia 10-0. The Australians are now in sixth place in Group C.

“We’ve been working hard the last couple games and had some unlucky breaks. Finally, we’ve put a game together there,” said Australia’s Dean Hewitt. “Communication was so much better that game. We’re on the up and we’re feeling good.”

At the top of Group C after three games sits Wales, who are undefeated after beating Nigeria by a score of 10-4. China, also in Group C, suffered their first loss against Italy, with a score of 7-9. Both teams are now tied with a 2-1 record.

In Group A, Canada beat Belarus by 9-0, while Japan won against Romania 11-3. Both the Japanese and Canadians are undefeated.

Up two points in the eighth end, France left Czech Republic, who had hammer, a hit for two points, which could have sent the game into an extra end. The Czechs weren’t able to fully execute and France finished the game on top with a score of 10-6.

“I had two feelings,” said France’s Manon Humbert, about watching the last Croatian stone. “You always like to watch a good shot being made but at the same time we were working to win the game.”

Session 12 results: France 10-6 Czech Republic; Canada 9-0 Belarus; Australia 10-0 Croatia; Japan 11-3 Romania; Italy 9-7 China; Nigeria 4-10 Wales

Australia’s Tahli Gill and Dean Hewitt, © WCF / Jason Bennett

S11: Turkey notch first win in Norway

With a score of 9-2, Turkey secured their first win of the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2019. They beat Chinese Taipei in Monday afternoon’s 11th session of play. Chinese Taipei are now the only team in Group B to remain winless after three games.

“We have to focus on the simplicity shots. We missed a couple of important shots that went through the house or were too light,” said Chinese Taipei’s Brendon Liu. “I think those shots could be a game changer that would put us in a much better situation.”

Brazil beat Guyana with a score of 11-3, putting them in third place in Group B.

In Group E, England won 9-1 over Saudi Arabia, maintaining their perfect record. Korea also boast three wins and join England atop Group E after beating Ireland 13-2. Qatar lost to Kazakhstan 2-9, remaining winless so far.

New Zealand beat Finland by a score of 9-5, and the teams now have an identical 2-1 record in Group E.

“In the mixed doubles game you just have to keep being aggressive,” said New Zealand’s Sean Becker. “It’s hard to defend in a mixed doubles game. You notice that the teams with the high stats and the good aggression, they’re winning their games.”

Session 11 results: Saudi Arabia 1-9 England; Brazil 11-3 Guyana; Ireland 2-Korea 13; Turkey 9-2 Chinese Taipei; Qatar 2-9 Kazakhstan; New Zealand 9-5 Finland

Turkey’s Dilsat Yildiz, © WCF / Jason Bennett

S10: Poland and Hong Kong earn first wins this week

Poland earned their first win of the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2019 in Monday morning’s tenth session of play, beating Slovenia with a score of 9-4 to improve to a 3-1 record in Group F.

“After two losses, we needed one,” said Poland’s Bartosz Dzikowski. “It feels good and we’re happy about our game improving game by game.”

Hong Kong also earned their first win, handing Ukraine a 4-10 loss. They now join Denmark with one win apiece in Group A, while the Ukrainians and Romania are the two teams left still winless in Group A.

“It feels really good. We know we were in a pretty tough group here so we knew all the games would be tough. Getting one on the board is a nice feeling,” said Hong Kong’s Jason Chang noting a better feel for the ice made the difference in this morning’s game. “We figured out draw weight much earlier in this game and we kept the draw weight throughout the whole game.”

Continuing their win-streak in Group F, United States beat Greece by 13-4, remaining unbeaten in the round robin so far with a 3-0 record. Russia also join United States with a perfect record in Group F after beating Latvia 7-4.

In a tight contest that came down to the final stone, Kosovo narrowly lost to Spain by 6-7. The teams were tied heading into the eighth end. Coming home, Spain had the hammer and used their Power Play, making an open draw to the button for the win. Spain remain undefeated in Group F.

“I’m just really proud about the way we played,” said Kosovo’s Peter Andersen. “It’s our fourth ever game together on the ice, to be able to take a team that’s 2-0 to tied into the seventh and force them to draw to the button on the last one is amazing.”

With a 9-2 win over Denmark, Sweden remain unbeaten in Group A.

Session 10 results: Slovenia 4-9 Poland; United States 13-4 Greece; Latvia 4-7 Russia; Sweden 9-2 Denmark; Hong Kong 10-4 Ukraine; Spain 7-6 Kosovo