#WMDCC2017: Day two quotes

  • Italy's Simone Gonin Photo: © WCF / Richard Gray

Flash quotes from the second day of curling at the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2017 in the ATB Centre, Lethbridge, Canada.

This live blog will be updated throughout the second day of action...

They said it, session nine

Per Noreen [pictured below; Sweden (after 13-2 win over Poland): “It feels good [getting their first win], we felt very good against Korea too but had a bad last stone. We feel very confident, both of us, we think we’re playing well at the moment so we’re not worried about our game planning, we feel good.”

Bridget Becker; New Zealand (after 13-4 win over Romania): “We feel really good, a win is always a good thing to have and I’m happy we finally have one. We’ve been a bit slow to start and we haven’t really fired yet, so that was nice we both played well and it came together.”

Martin Rios, Switzerland (after 7-5 win over Russia): “We played a pretty good first four ends, I was a little heavy on my draws. I think we have space to improve, especially on the power plays – but there’s still time to improve.

They said it, session eight

Andy Buettner; Germany (after 8-3 win over Kazakhstan): "I think at the beginning we didn’t play what we could. After the break we played we played better and found our game and played what we can. We need to speak together about what we can do better."

Kijeong Lee [pictured below]; Korea (after 7-5 win over Austria): "I didn’t pay attention to the score. We were just looking to get two points. This ice is quite changeable, so I tried to let them have the challenging ice path and I tried to use better path. So that’s why we could have two steals in two games. My first goal was to get into the play-offs, I didn’t think about how many wins or how many losses. But we have three wins quite early."

Joanne Courtney; Canada (after 9-2 win over France): "We’re talking about strategy all the time; when we’re watching games with Jeff and Paul, we’re bouncing questions off each other, to try to get four heads going on the strategy. We’re learning as much as we can on the fly here. There are people here with more experience than us, but we’re trying our hardest to catch up on the learning curve."

They said it, session seven

Dorottya Palancsa; Hungary (after 10-2 win over Croatia): “I think we played much better than yesterday, we got used to the ice more quickly. We have one more game today against Latvia, and we need to concentrate on that one from now.”

David Misun; Slovakia (after 8-1 win over Slovenia): “I think the good start helped. Our opponent, [from] Slovenia, trains a lot at our curling club in Bratislava because Slovenia doesn’t have a curling club, and Jure [Culic] and I know each other well. I think Slovenia played well today, we have respect for them.”

Oona Kauste [pictured below]; Finland (after 7-6 win over Estonia): “We still had four ends to play, after it was tight, but we had enough ends to win the game. They [Estonia] are really good friends of ours. You want to win but you want everything good for your friends.”

They said it, session six

Dean Hewitt, Australia (after 9-5 win over Netherlands): “It was really good, we started to put everything together. We found our draw weight which was nice, yesterday we didn’t have it. [In the third end with a score of five points] we had a couple corner guards so we started to utilize them. We got a bit fortunate on a couple shots but it worked out in the end.”

Claudia Fischer; Austria (after 10-3 win over Poland): “We felt pretty good, we still have to get used to the speed and the curl because in Austria we don't have ice that curls that much, but it's getting better and we feel comfortable. Obviously, we would like to reach the play-offs because that's what we've done in the past. And from then on, just play good curling and be happy with our performance and let's see what this ends up with."

Irantzu Garcia [pictured below]; Spain (after 8-6 win over New Zealand): “Well we started off really well. We had three amazing ends and then I sort of started struggling with the ice and with the weight, but my brother [Gontzal] played amazing. You know he played some amazing run-backs and that was it. My brother was telling me all the time telling me ‘don’t worry – we’ve got this, we can do it.’”

They said it, session five

Anna Fowler [pictured below]; England (after 17-2 win over Kazakhstan): “I don’t think we have hit 100 miles an hour yet, but we’ve had two really good games and we're feeling more comfortable now.”

Neil Fyfe; Ireland (after 10-2 win over Serbia): “We didn’t play as well today as we did yesterday [against Italy] but, it was still a good solid performance. It was nice to get our first win – we were a bit disappoint after our loss yesterday. The Canadians always do great championships – the organisation is tremendous and it’s running like clockwork. We’re loving it so far!”

Simone Gonin; Italy (after 10-3 win over Denmark): “I feel great! That was a tough game, especially in the first part. We struggled with the speed [of the ice]. Fortunately, we had a good comeback in the second half. This win was really important for us, to get a good position in the group. We weren’t sure if we should use the power play in the sixth end - we go for it and we managed to score a four. Thanks to some of their misses it was a good end for us and the crucial end of the game.”
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