#WMDCC2017: Day three quotes

  • Czech Republic still undefeated after session ten Photos: © WCF /Richard Gray

Flash quotes from the third day of curling at the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2017 in the ATB Centre, Lethbridge, Canada.

This live blog will be updated throughout the second day of action...

They said it, session 14

Reto Seiler [pictured below]; Bulgaria (after 12-1 win over Serbia): “Finally, we are in the mix. We were more precise with our draw weight and we feel comfortable, which we didn’t feel in the first two games. It was not a piece of cake tonight. Two games tomorrow, so lets see what we can get out of this.”

Claudia Fischer; Austria (after 7-3 win over Netherlands): “I guess draw weight is not a bad thing to have and that was quite ok today. We played a clean game and they played strong, so it was closer than we wanted it to be. But, we were in control the whole game.”

They said it, session 13

Dorottya Palancsa [pictured below]; Hungary (after 8-5 win over Brazil): “We started well by scoring four, but then we were struggling with the ice. We couldn't figure out the curls, but we tried to put ourselves together, and luckily we managed to win the game.”

Karolina Florek; Poland (after 8-7 extra end win over Australia): “We were excited, I have to say, too excited in a few ends. And we could have finished this game a bit earlier then in extra end, but we are happy that we finally won this game and we have now our second win."

Abe Shinya; Japan (after 11-2 win over Croatia): “Now we are two-one so it’s more comfortable. I am focusing on each game. Olympic points are very-very important for us, but we must go through the round-robin first. I think this is a great event. I have not been to mixed doubles before. I have been to Olympics and several Worlds, but nothing like this with many countries.”

They said it, session 12

Romain Borini; France (after 10-9 extra end win over Turkey): “The game was very tight – very close game. At the beginning we were too fast. The power play was good for us – we scored five. After the break we just woke up!”

Dawn Watson [pictured below]; Wales (after 9-7 win over Denmark): “It was good – the weight was good and the ice was great. The ice is very consistent which makes it easier when you’re going game to game. We’re realistic about our expectations – we don’t have a curling rink in Wales at the moment so it makes it tougher when you’re playing teams who are practicing all the time.”

Dexin Ba; China (after 14-2 win over Netherlands): It feels very-very good to win this game. We needed to focus on every rock, and that's what we did. We are trying to keep the focus on every rock in our next games and try our best.

They said it, session 11

Santa Blumberga [pictured below], Latvia (after 11-3 win over Brazil): “The event is amazing! We love this, the volunteers are super nice and all the other players like it’s a chance to meet some new people so – wow! We went to one tournament in Hungary and we had two tournaments back home in Riga. We didn’t have much time to prepare because he was still playing juniors and I was coaching junior girls, so we only started focusing on mixed doubles in February.”

Irantzu Garcia, Spain (after 6-5 win over Slovenia): “Well we really knew we had to win that to go to the play-offs, which is our goal. The game didn’t start very well for us. We decided to use the power play and give it our all and we scored a big three in the sixth. Well to be honest we were fighting a bit [when down 3-1] and Brendan [Botcher, coach] came down and told us ‘if you fight you’re not going to get this, just keep going and cheer up.’”

Magnus Nedregotten, Norway (after 5-4 win over Italy): “We started off quite defensive, just try to get the rhythm and things. During the game I felt that both teams were quite good – they made a lot of shots. Our power play we were a bit fortunate to get two points. Tight match and somebody had to win – we were fortunate to win that one.”

They said it, session ten

Rebecca Hamilton; USA (after 13-3 win over Turkey): "I think with each game we’re learning more about the ice, and how we’re throwing our stones. We’re really looking forward to the rest of our games. We just want to finish at the top of our pool. Our goal is to qualify from here, and from there on, we’ll see what we can do."

Zuzana Hajkova, Czech Republic (after 6-4 win over England): “It’s hard to say we expected this [to be undefeated] we hoped for it, of course. We know that everybody is beatable and on the other hand we can lose against anybody. So it’s always tough. We know that we are not at our best still. I think we read the ice better than them, on the other hand they played extremely well so it was a tough game – it could have ended up absolutely differently because we were a bit lucky in the sixth end there [when England missed a shot for multiple points].

Maile Moelder, Estonia (after 7-6 extra end win over Belarus): “It was tense – lots of pressure. We needed that win very much. Especially we wanted to concentrate on playing a good game and keep doing what we have done. We’ve had two tight losses. But that was really, really important for us emotionally.”

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