#WMDCC2017: Day six quotes

  • Finland's Tomi Rantamaki Photo: © WCF / Richard Gray

Flash quotes from day six in the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2017 in the ATB Centre, Lethbridge, Canada.

This live blog page will be updated throughout the sixth day of action...

They said it, session 27

Martin Rios, Switzerland (after 7-4 win over New Zealand): “Play good curling, work on detail, improve certain details, focus on the game because if you lose it, it’s hard to come back tomorrow. I think we had some tight situations – especially in the game against Russia. We had some critical moments in other games too I think now the competition starts again from scratch. You’ve got to win four more games.”

Matt Hamilton [pictured below], USA (after 8-6 win over Canada): “We got started and got some good rock placement on them early. Obviously first practice a little disadvantage knowing what the weight was. So we had to set some rocks up and Becca made an absolute pistol for four in the first. And then it was trying to hold onto a lead. Obviously we’re trying to get some wins here. Doesn’t matter who we play, but were going to go out there and give it our best effort and that’s been good enough so far, so we’ll see.

Bruce Mouat; Scotland (after 8-4 win over Italy): "We’re still one or two games away from Olympic qualification points. It’s a World Championships, so we’re obviously going for the world title, not just the Olympic stuff. We’re just going to focus on getting the Worlds. We’re glad we had a tough game to finish, we’re glad we had to fight there, going into the play-offs and we want to take the same momentum into the next."

They said it, session 26

Gontzal Garcia; Spain (after securing a play-off place with a 8-5 win over Slovakia): “We have been training so hard for this moment. In the play-offs anyone can beat anyone. We are all good teams. We will try to give our best. We played a really solid game here and are full of confidence.”

Allen Coliban; Romania (at the end of their WMDCC 2017 campaign): “[We can take away from this event] lots of experience and this is the first time we are playing in this line-up, so that’s a learning experience too. Every year you have good games. Eventually, it will all build up in the long run.”

Kasper Wiksten; Denmark (after 13-6 win over Serbia): “We had some disappointing games where it would have been nice to play better. We’ve been very unlucky on some shots so it feels very nice right now. [Playing with my daughter, Natalie], I can’t describe it. I think we have learned a lot, especially Natalie has, because I think the most import thing for us was to come here and learn something about the mixed doubles game and we have learned a lot.”

Dara Gravara-Stojanovic; Serbia (at the end of their WMDCC 2017 campaign): “I really enjoyed [this event]. This is not what we expected, but this is the result of having no curling sheet to practice. It is time for us to get competing ice and more competitive games. I hope we can find some place to build our own arena. We know how to play, but we need to improve more – practice more. This is the only recipe to succeed.”

Kirstin Moen Skaslien; Norway (after qualify for the play-offs with a 10-4 win over Ireland): “It means a lot to have the self-confidence and feel you can make the shots. It was a close game before the break and then we had big ends in the fifth and seventh. We have been performing better and better – we had a pretty bad start but then we’re feeling confident about the ice – learning the conditions. It’s probably best not to think about the Olympic points, but just play our game and have fun.”

They said it, session 25

Tomi Rantamaki; Finland (after securing a play-off place with a 6-4 win over Japan): “That’s what we are here for [Olympic points]. Of course, we have that possibility to gain those points now. The next game [last 16] is the most important for us.”

Per Noreen; Sweden (after securing a play-off place with an 8-2 win over Netherlands): “I feel very good right now. Everything but our take-outs were good today. If you play two or three take-outs that’s ok, and we played many draws instead. I think we found the speed of the ice faster than Netherlands in the match so, we were first in every end to get into scoring position. I think we played very well on our draws the whole match and that was the key to winning the game.”

Thomas Kooi; Netherlands (at the end of their WMDCC 2017 campaign): “The event was amazing – the ice was perfect. People in Lethbridge are warm and very welcoming. We did our best – unfortunately not the result we were looking for, but a great experience going forward. We don’t get the opportunity that often to play in a big arena and on championship ice, so all these things are lessons – different curl on there, the different rocks and the spectators around you. Of course, the high level teams – Korea, China – we don’t get to play them ever week so, that is great learning for us.”
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