#WMDCC2017: Day four quotes

  • Belarus' Ilya Shalamitski and Ekaterina Kirillova Photos: © WCF / Richard Gray

Flash quotes from day four in the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2017 in the ATB Centre, Lethbridge, Canada.

This live blog page will be updated throughout the fourth day of action...

They said it, session 19

Anna Fowler [pictured below]; England (after 10-5 win over Turkey): “We know we’ve got to come out strong in the last two games, we’ve already lost two but we’re hopefully doing enough to keep ourselves in the mix and our draw shot is okay, so we’ve just got to go strong on the last two games. We could be in a better position but we’re doing okay, so we’re pretty happy”

Matt Hamilton; USA (after7-4 win over Czech Republic): “It feels good [being the only undefeated team in their group], we came out and we’re doing what we wanted to do, play teams tough and put ourselves in a good position to make the play-offs and hopefully a high seed, so I think we’re doing well.”

Reid Carruthers; Canada (after 10-6 win over Germany): “We were not playing well early in that game, that’s for sure. I definitely would have taken about five or six throws back that I could have put in better spots. But we took a couple deep breaths after the sixth end and said, look, it’s time to battle and we had a really, really good seventh end, which gave us the momentum and we had a really good eighth end as well.”

They said it, session 18

Gina Aitken; Scotland (after 11-0 win over Serbia): "We’ve not turned out minds to the next part of the competition yet. We’ve still got two pretty good games to play, against Denmark and Italy. We’re not going to sit back and relax yet, we’ve still got work to do."

Zsolt Kiss; Hungary (after 15-4 win over Japan): "We didn't expect the scenario what actually happened in the first end. Overall, I think we controlled the game well, including the power-play. I think this game was pretty okay."

Oona Kauste; Finland (after 9-6 win over Belarus): "We got five points in the sixth end, and that was the key point of the game. I was a little bit nervous, but not too much, because I knew that I can play as good as I need to play to win this game. So I just thought that I need to make one shot in a time and let's see what happens."

They said it, session 17

Martin Rios; Switzerland (after 9-4 win over Spain): “We try to just play good curling, hopefully a little better than today. It wasn’t easy after one and a half days off the ice to come back and find good weight. Just try to play good curling. I think today it curled a little bit more but the ice is perfect, the ice is great. It’s just an honour to play in an arena with that ice. It’s just another discipline, another game, kinda like a draw weight game. It’s hard to play defensive, you’ve got to go for it, I like that.”
Marcio Cerquinho [pictured below]; Brazil (after 14-5 win over Croatia): “You know, my body is a little bit sore so I think we played where we could find our draw weight and we started losing the first end but then we recovered in the second end. For us, Brazilian’s, it’s just amazing to be here because we don’t have ice in Brazil at all. We don’t have sponsors so we have to find the hard way to come here to represent our country and to do the best we can do. We have tough games coming up against Belarus and Finland and I think they’re very strong teams. We have a bunch of people here supporting us, taking pictures with us, we have a big community and it’s great for us, we’re very grateful to be here at the World Championship in Canada.

They said it, session 16

Alison Fyfe [pictured below, © WCF / Céline Stucki]; Ireland (after 7-3 win over Denmark): “We started out pretty good, got a few steals under our belts. Second half was pretty good as well, until our power play kind of didn’t go our way but we managed to knock them out of stones. We’ve had a bit of a roller coaster so far but overall, we are pretty pleased. We just wanted to make it to the knock-out. We got one Olympic point last year so we would like to gain a few more.”

Rachel Katzman; Israel (after 10-4 win over Netherlands): “Very exciting for us! It’s been a hard couple of games but we really performed well this game and we’re very happy. We made a lot more draws and played a lot more aggressively so, I think we just made our shots count and when we hit it was very effective.”

Camilla Noreen, Sweden (after 8-6 win over Austria): “We needed that win. We couldn’t afford anymore losses so we’re really happy about that. We would be happy to have another win, of course, but we’re happy where we are right now and we feel like we’re playing well. If we continue to do that anything can happen.”

They said it, session 15

Ekaterina Kirillova; Belarus (after 9-6 win over Japan): "We are very excited about the result, we like to achieve this victory, and we needed it very much, because we've lost games before. We needed to do it for our self-confidence. For the first part of the game, we just did what we can do, what we like to do, and after the break, when we lost four, maybe we relaxed a little bit, maybe something happened in our mind, I don't know. But, I cannot say we were very relaxed, we were strong, we were thinking about the game the whole time."

Maile Moelder; Estonia (after 8-3 win over Croatia): "We are very satisfied with the result and the win which we very much needed. We need to be in the top two or three in our group, up there, we need to get there."

Anastasia Bryzgalova; Russia (after 10-1 win over Slovenia): “It was a good game for us. We tried to feel the ice better and work for better execution. [The ice] is better to understand and read day after day, it is good.”
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