#WMDCC2017: Day five quotes

  • Korea qualify for the play-offs Photo © WCF / Céline Stucki

Flash quotes from day five in the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2017 in the ATB Centre, Lethbridge, Canada.

This live blog page will be updated throughout the fifth day of action...

They said it, session 24

Iva Roso; Croatia (at the end of their WMDCC 2017 campaign): “It was a really-really nice opportunity to play with the best players in the world. We are very lucky to be here. It is a bit hard to lose all the games, but a good experience.”

Zsolt Kiss; Hungary (after securing a play-off place with a 9-4 win over Estonia): “We played well. Finally, we threw two good draws as well. I think we controlled the game well, and I think they practically gave up in the third end. We expected it to be a tough game, but it ended up as an easy win.

They said it, session 23

Bruce Mouat; Scotland (after securing a play-off place with a 8-2 win over Denmark): I think we know that we need to get to top eight, so we’ll need to win the last sixteen game. We now have a game against Italy and that will determine where we finish in the Group.

Jenny Perret; Switzerland (after securing a play-off place with a 13-4 win over Slovenia): “It is a good thing to be in the quarters now. We will just try to focus and play good curling and give our best [going forward]. We will work on details, because in the best 16 details make a big difference.”

Anastasia Bryzgalova; Russia (after securing a play-off place with a 8-4 win over New Zealand): “Now, we start a new championship because it is the play-offs games. We will try to find our best game.”

Irantzu Garcia; Spain (after 11-5 win over Romania): “We now know it is in our hands to go to play-offs. IF we win to Slovakia tomorrow we are in. So, this was a really important win for us. We kind of struggled. We used the power play and it didn’t really work, but we had a great come back. We thought we almost lost it.”

They said it, session 22

Shinya Abe; Japan (after 8-6 win over Estonia): "[That was] definitely an important game. We had a tough loss yesterday. We regrouped during the end break and [the win] worked out."

Per Noreen; Sweden (after 12-4 win over Australia): "The first two ends we played very well, we had one miss and it could have been 4-0 to us. After the second end, they began to play much better and we missed a few shots we normally wouldn’t. Once they took their power play I feel we calmed down, we have a little pressure to win to get to the play-offs and we played much better after we calmed down. I think if we keep playing like we did in the last end, we’ll be okay. If we win our last game we’ll go to the play-offs and then anything can happen"

Alican Karatas; Turkey (after 8-4 win over Germany): “Every time we played the same game but we changed our aim and we aimed to gain play. This is the first time we win, we are very proud to win the game.”

They said it, session 21

Zuzana Hajkova; Czech Republic (after 14-1 win over Kazakhstan to secure a play-off place): "We knew that we had some troubles with communication yesterday, so that was our focus today, to change some small things, know better what we wanna do and communicate better. So that was the main target, to improve communication."

Matt Hamilton; USA (after securing a play-off place with a 9-5 win over France): "We’ve accomplished our main goal this week, which was to qualify and it’s a new tournament from there. We’ve still got one more big game and it’s obviously a great practice game against a couple of good friends so it should be fun. We’re not trying to let up at all. We want to continue to play better so letting up isn’t going to help us do that. It’s maybe going to be a little looser, a little less pressure but we’ll come out and keep firing."

Joanne Courtney; Canada (after securing a play-off place with a 7-6 win over England): "There’s so much on the line right now, and we’re well aware of it. But the second we step onto the ice, we can’t be thinking about that. All we can be thinking about is exactly what we need to do to make the current shot and then the next shot. You can’t afford to get into a hole of self-pity or anything like that. I think Canada knows we’re trying our absolute hardest out there, there’s never going to be a lack of effort from us. Just keep our heads right, and if we can just eliminate a few more errors as we go into the play-offs, we’ll be in a good spot."

They said it, session 20

Hyeji Jang; Korea (after 14-1 win over Netherlands): “We just focus on our best and that’s all. We will play just in the moment and focus on one shot.”

Veronica Zappone; Italy (after 9-1 win over Serbia): “I think we had a pretty good game. We managed the ice better than yesterday evening. So we had a good draw weight and I think it was a good game for us. We are trying to focus on draw weight and the ice is really swingy in some tracks so we want to manage those tracks. We are starting from zero [Olympic Qualification] points so we are trying to focus on one game at a time and see where we arrive. For sure it’s our main goal, but it’s hard so it’s better to focus on one game at a time.”

Magnus Nedregotten; Norway (after 6-5 win over Denmark): “I think it was important, yeah, probably will be – we get to be number two in the group. It was a real good game by Kristen, and really bad game by me. I need to sleep a little bit better, I think that’s the main area to improve a little bit. It’s always tough in these games when you expect to win and it goes a little bit slower than you expect and suddenly you’re tied in the last end you’re real nervous to lose.”

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