China, Scotland, USA and Russia into World Mixed Doubles semi-finals

  • Russia competing in the quarter-finals Photo: WCF / Richard Gray

Semi-final teams were determined at the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2016 – being played in the Löfbergs Lila Arena, in Karlstad, Sweden – after Friday (22 April) evening’s quarter-finals.

Scotland defeated previously unbeaten Canada, 6-5, with a takeout for the winning point in the eighth end. The two teams were even at 5-5 after a back and forth battle. Scotland will meet China in Saturday’s (23 April) semi-final at 12.00 (Central European Summer Time).

China beat Estonia 8-5, which moves them into a semi-final with Scotland. China had a 6-2 lead after five ends when Estonia scored three points in the sixth end to close the gap, down to 5-6. China stole one point in the eighth end to secure their win.

USA earned their berth in the semi-finals against Russia – live on at 12.00 (CEST) – after a 12-6 win over England. USA had a 7-0 advantage after three ends with steals of three points in the second end and two points in the third end. England drew for four in the fourth end and USA responded with three points in the fifth end.

Russia had a victory over Finland after a dramatic final end finish. Already counting two points, Finland had a draw for three points to send the game into an extra end when the Finish stone rolled too far, giving Russia the win, by 8-7.

Today’s results mean that an entirely different set of teams will be on the podium from those that won medals at the 2015 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship in Sochi, Russia.

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    They Said It

    Dexin Ba; China (after 8-5 win over Estonia): “It was a very good game. Stealing a two [in the fifth end] helped us win. We have two games to play so right now we don’t have time to think about the podium, we just have to play our own game.”

    Gina Aitken; Scotland (after 6-5 win over Canada): “I think that was a big turning point [Bruce’s raised double takeout in eighth end] because they were lying quite well, but that turned the game around and gave us the advantage in the end. [For the semi-final] We just need to build on what we have done and keep the momentum going because we are playing well and making our shots.”

    Joe Polo; USA (after 12-6 win over England): “It felt good, we got some rocks in good spots early in the game and I think the ice was changing on us a little bit and we struggled a bit later. I think they [England] struggled with it just as much as we did, so we came out on top. They got that four, we made a bit of a strategic error there and missed a couple of shots in a row, but luckily we had built enough of a lead.”

    Anastasia Byrzgalova; Russia (after 8-7 win over Finland): “We really wanted to win, and now there is a lot of emotion. Much more [nerves], especially in the last end.”

    RESULTS, quarter-finals

    Estonia 5-8 China; Scotland 6-5 Canada; England 6-12 USA; Finland 7-8 Russia

    RESULTS, quarter-finals (b-side)

    Hungary 8-10 Ireland; Slovakia 8-5 Korea; Denmark 3-6 Austria; Norway 8-3 New Zealand

    FIXTURES, medal games: Saturday 23 April, 16.00 (CEST)

    FIXTURES, semi-finals | classification rank 5-8: Saturday 23 April, 12.00 (CEST)

    Russia v USA; Scotland v China | Canada v Finland; Estonia v England

    FIXTURES, classification rank 9-12: Saturday 23 April, 08.30 (CEST)

    Ireland v Slovakia; Norway v Austria

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