WMCC 2013: Day 3 Evening Round-up

In Monday evening's eighth session of round-robin play at the Ford World Men's Curling Championship in Victoria, Canada, Finland recorded their first win of the week - beating Japan by 6-5, while at the top of the table, Canada kept their unbeaten record with a six-end 7-2 victory over USA.

Finland picked up their first win of the Championship this evening Photo: WCF/CCA/Michael Burns

The game between Finland and Japan was tight until, in the sixth end. Finnish skip Aku Kauste played a nice draw to score three points and move into a 5-3 lead. He followed that up with a hit and roll to score one point in the ninth end for a 6-4 lead. The Finns then went on to win by 6-5 when Japan could only score one point in the tenth end - their first victory so far.

After this first win, Finland skip Aku Kauste said: "I was hoping our first win would be a little bit earlier, but, yes, it was a good game, finally. We’ve been just a little bit too inconsistent. It’s almost there, it feels really good. And not just the win - we finally played almost the whole game really well. I think we just need to keep going and doing what we’re doing."

Meanwhile table-topping Canada faced USA and opened the scoring in the second end when their skip Brad Jacobs played a split on his own front stone to nudge both into the house and score two points. The Canadians went on to win by 7-2 in just six ends, keeping their unbeaten record and their place at the top of the rankings.

Afterwards, Canada skip Brad Jacobs said: "It was a little easier day, but when you’re playing like we are right now, and when other teams are making the mistakes like they are, then it’s going to be a shorter day. And we’ll take it. You probably know who’s going to be there at the end. Sweden, Scotland, Norway - those are the three that come to mind right off the bat. They’re probably going to be in the mix on the weekend. I just hope that we are as well."

Norway played Denmark in this session and it was Norway who took the early lead. But Danish skip Rasmus Stjerne drew nicely to score two points in the sixth end to level the score at 3-3. The game eventually went into an extra end and with his last stone, Stjerne hit out the solitary Norwegian stone in the house to score two points and win by 7-5.
The Danes have now won three games in a row, and skip Stjerne said: "That's nice. We came in pretty rough the first day. We played well against Scotland and now things are starting to work out our way. We're just going to keep trying to keep this roll going and see where it takes us."

Scotland played Switzerland and, while the Scots took the early lead, the Swiss came right back into it in the sixth end when skip Sven Michel cleared out two Scottish stones to score two points and level the game at 3-3.

In the seventh, Scottish skip David Murdoch produced a precision promote on one of his own stones to tap out a Swiss stone and score two points. In the ninth end, Murdoch played a bold double take-out to score three points for an 8-5 lead and the Scots went on to win by 8-6.

Speaking about the big shot in the ninth end, Scotland third player Tom Brewster said: "That was a big shot but it was worth going for. If we miss, we give up one and are coming home trying to get a two with the hammer. We felt pretty comfortable being in that position so it was worth going for and we got it right. It was a whole team effort."

Session 8:
Denmark 7, Norway 5 (extra end); Canada 7, USA 2; Switzerland 6, Scotland 8; Japan 5, Finland 6.

Standings after 8 sessions:
Canada won 5, lost 0
China 4-1
Sweden 4-1
Scotland 4-1
Norway 3-2
Denmark 3-2
Czech Republic 2-3
Switzerland 2-3
Finland 1-4
Japan 1-4
USA 1-4
Russia 0-5

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