Sweden hands Canada first loss at 2010 Paralympic Games

Sweden’s Jalle Jungnell played spoiler to Canada’s perfect record Monday night at the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games as the round robin continued at the Vancouver Olympic Centre.

Sweden improved its record to 2-3 with the 8-4 win over Jim Armstrong’s crew. The Americans, led by Augusto Perez, won two games today to put themselves in a tie for first place with Canada at 4-1.

The standings after that are quite tight with Sweden winning two games today to improve to 2-3 and Switzerland’s Manfred Bolliger picking up a second win with a 9-3 victory over Germany’s Jens Jaeger.

Korea’s Haksung Kim rink split the day with a win in the morning over Great Britain but then lost to Norway’s Rune Lorentsen to remain in third place.

Game scores
Session 1: USA 8, Italy 2; Canada 13, Japan 2; Sweden 6, Norway 4; Korea 7, Great Britain 4

Session 2: Sweden 8, Canada 4; Switzerland 9, Germany 3; Norway 9, Korea 6; USA 8, Great Britain 7

Canada 4-1
USA 4-1
Korea 3-2
Germany 2-2
Italy 2-2
Switzerland 2-2
Norway 2-3
Sweden 2-3
Japan 1-3
Great Britain 1-4