Korea makes move for second place at 2010 Paralympic Games

Korea’s Haksung Kim only had one match today but with a win it was enough to find his team in a tie for second place as the end of the round robin here at the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games nears.

Kim’s team got the better of Italy’s Andrea Tabanelli rink, 9-3, which lost its third straight match. With the Americans losing tonight to Sweden, 6-4, Korea is now tied with the U.S. at 4-2 behind front-runner Canada, which picked up a fifth win today in a lopsided match with Switzerland, 15-1.

Norway’s Rune Lorentsen rink won its second straight match to improve to 3-3 overall. The two-time world wheelchair champions got past Japan’s Yoji Nakajima, 11-3, this afternoon to keep their playoff hopes alive. Norway and Germany’s Jens Jaeger rink both boast 3-3 records for fourth place. The Germans earned a 7-6 win over Italy earlier today but faltered in the night game to Great Britain’s Michael McCreadie rink to fall to 3-3.

Japan’s Yoji Nakajima rink picked up its second win of the tournament, stealing a point tonight in the extra end to defeat Switzerland.

Game scores
Session 1: Canada 15, Switzerland 1; Germany 7, Italy 6; Norway 11, Japan 3

Session 2: Great Britain 9, Germany 2; Korea 9, Italy 3; Sweden 6, USA 4; Japan 6, Switzerland 5 (extra end)

Canada 5-1
USA 4-2
Korea 4-2
Germany 3-3
Norway 3-3
Italy 2-4
Switzerland 2-4
Sweden 3-3
Japan 2-4
Great Britain 2-4