Constitution and Policy Documents

Following the election of the new Board in 2010 after the Vancouver Olympics it was agreed to review the governance of the World Curling Federation (WCF) and propose a new updated constitution to the membership. Following two years of consultation the new Constitution was approved at the 2013 WCF Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Board Directors and Staff

World Curling Federation Board Directors and Staff Members.


The various commissions of the World Curling Federation

Strategic Plan

The WCF’s current strategic plan – The Way Forward – outlines a vision for curling to the 'World’s favourite winter sport for all' and it underpins all the work carried out by the WCF. Progress on the plan is reported via monitoring against agreed measurable outcomes. These reports are presented to the Board and to the Annual Congress.

Organisation Structure

The structure of the World Curling Federation is laid out in the constitution. The governing body is the Annual Assembly of the Member Associations. The Member Associations meet formally once a year at the Annual Curling Congress, they also meet a second time each year informally during one of the World Championships.

Rules and Regulations

Please find below relevant documents and information available to download regarding the Rules and Regulation of curling.


The Annual Review has been a feature of the World Curling Federation since 2013. This comprehensive document gives a full round up of not only the numerous competitions run by the WCF but also in other areas such as development and marketing. The Annual Review includes an extract of the Annual Accounts. In 2016 the WCF celebrated its 50th Anniversary.

Specifications for brushes in elite curling

The World Curling Federation (WCF) has introduced its first set of specifications for brushes being used in elite competition. This follows a series of challenges faced relating to sweeping techniques and various types of brush heads being used in the sport during the 2015-2016 season.

Annual Accounts

The World Curling Federation Annual Accounts to 30 June of each year.

Annual General Assembly and Board Meetings

Annual General Assembly papers and board meetings minutes.